University of California, Los Angeles
Emergency Medicine Research Associates

About Us

Vision: To advance the practice of Emergency Medicine through clinical research

Mission: To assist with ED Faculty-conducted clinical research studies and provide volunteers educational opportunities for professional development

In 2005, Dr. William Mower, UCLA Professor of Emergency Medicine, founded Emergency Medicine Research Associates in order to provide undergraduate students an invaluable learning experience in emergency medicine and clinical research. In return, research associates contribute to research data collection and management.

Since its establishment, Emergency Medicine Research Associates has grown from a handful of volunteers to over forty dedicated research associates working year round. All of our associates are pursuing medicine and/or medical research related fields. The program participates in research support for a wide spectrum of clinical research conducted by UCLA Emergency Medicine faculty.  

After one year in the program, research associates will learn the basics of clinical research by identifying and enrolling qualifying patients into research studies. They will contribute to emergency medicine publications, and have numerous opportunities to shadow physicians in a level-one trauma center. In addition to conducting research, associates will have opportunities to present on current medical research of their own interest.   

UCLA Emergency Medicine Research Associates also provides leadership opportunities for associates who have excelled in their position. Dedicated student coordinators help schedule quarterly events, train new members, facilitate the new member selection process, and monitor the progress and quality of our research. Both associate and leadership positions help volunteers gain experience to thrive in their future medical professions.